Why you need to reach outside your comfort zone



I’m quickly realizing the power of networking and took a leap this week by going to my first Meetup event back home in San Diego. I was first introduced to Meetup.com by my lovely friend and favorite yogi Allison, while we were both working as teachers in Taiwan.

Allison is an inspiration and I can’t wait to have her on the blog! For now, you can check out her donation classes @MotherEarthYogaWithAlli on FB. (Credit: Angie Shih)

Especially living in a foreign country, it was important for me to get out there and meet new people, live different experiences and not be boxed in by my self-inhibiting “comfort zone.” I met some amazing ladies through a feminist book club and experienced out-of-this-world yoga with Alli, as we connected back to Earth through outdoor movement.

Being comfortable is great, but it can also be a killer of upward movement, open-mindedness and passion. Without allowing myself to feel that discomfort, I wouldn’t have been able to make those very real connections and realize and develop my potential.

I took that thinking into the blogging meet-up this week, nervous about meeting new people and articulating this digital thing that I have such love, hope & soul invested into. Then I met them and realized they are just real, passionate people blogging and creating because it’s what will always make sense to them, to me. They had nothing but best wishes and fantastic advice and it was so wonderful to meet up with them, share excitement in their successes and empower each other. That’s how it should be. *Shout out to SD Bloggers!*


In other news, Camille, Truly is officially 1 month old! I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to paint on this canvas so far … and I’m just getting started.

❤ Yours, truly.





Behind the Blog

Honest discussion about smarter living, health and becoming you, truly!

I’ve just hopped on a plane back to my hometown of San Diego after about a year abroad in Taiwan!

I’ve been living in Taipei and teaching kids English, and I’ve learned SO much about me in this time. I have become more grounded in myself, body and mind. SO…my passion now is to help you do the same!

My goal for this blog is to share the valuable lessons I’ve learned here, and that I’ll continue to learn as I approach life with love, patience, and trust.

I’ll be writing about smarter living, feminism, friendship, appreciation, adventure, travel, and health. I hope to guide you in your journey to find yourself and your kickass potential. Your best you is truly, just under the surface!

❤ Yours truly