What I Wish I Had Understood a Year Ago…

I feel like a new person. There’s been a shift in my soul, grounding me into the Earth and my center of being.



A year ago, I was afraid of the 7,000- mile step away from the world I’d carefully built in San Diego. I arrived in Taiwan feeling really unsettled and unsure of my decision.

But the thing is, I made the decision. I said yes even though I was afraid. And I’m thankful for that choice every single day.

Now, I understand that life is a series of choices. To go or to stay. To be complacent or to chase your dreams. To love yourself and to accept nothing less than the best.

There’s a truly distinct beauty in realizing this.

Now, I marvel in my body and the things it has allowed me to do.

Now, I rejoice in my independence and the peace I’ve found in trusting myself, in embracing confidence.

Now, I understand the amazing, binding power of friendship. The people in my life now are wonderful, hilarious, positive, motivating human beings. I am overjoyed to see them grow and achieve success in their own lives, as they wish me success in mine.

And now, I know that nothing is too far away (figuratively and literally). Taiwan was 14 hours on a plane, which was a little rough. But look at it this way: a little over half a day to travel to an island on the other side of the world?? That’s amazing! Really anywhere is reachable … just extend yourself to possibilities and see what can happen for you!

Do you find yourself thinking differently than you did last year? What are some things you understand more clearly now than you have in the past, or that you are just beginning to understand? Do you feel a shift in your being? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments!


Author: Camille Lozano

I am a blogger, journalist, adventurer and feminist bent on impacting lives. I graduated from San Diego State University in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Arts in journalism. Welcome to Camille, Truly!

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